Honoring Everyday Heroes

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Give Them A Break”!!!  Show our Essential Workers that you appreciate and care for them, as they serve and care for others. Show an attitude of gratitude and make a dedicated professional’s day in an essential way. The cup is hand wash only. 7 1/2″ H x 3 1/4″ W Holds 20 oz and comes in a cello wrap with decorative bow.

3 selections available:

(1)  I’M A NURSE WHAT’S YOUR SUPERPOWER- floral background
(2)  I’M A SISTER WHAT’S YOUR SUPER POWER- floral background
(3)  I’M A BEAUTICIAN NOT A MAGICIAN- silver and gold glitter background
–  Individually wrapped Life Savers, and other name brand hard candies
–  Single serve Starbucks Refresher and instant coffee packs
–  Assortment of aromatic and flavorful tea bags
–  Stir Spoon and reusable straw
–  Balloon


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