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Who doesn’t like a good sale?  Get more bang for your buck when you purchase from these select items.  Sale items change periodically, so buy now before they’re gone. Some items that you see today, may be gone tomorrow!

Keepsake Tea Tin Contents:

Assorted teas, ceramic tea bag caddy, 2 packs of crystalized Real Lemon, jar of Bonne Maman honey, two tea time suckers, one pack of beverage napkins. Tins measure 3 3/4”W x 5 1/2”L x 3”H

Bouquet Cup Contents:

Whimsical ceramic mug designed with colorful flowers all around on a white background. A printed paper holder wraps over the mug as a finishing touch. This small but lovely gift is filled with assorted teas, single serve coffee and tea candy. Measures 3 3/4″H X 4 3/4″W X 3 1/2″D; 12oz.

Sports Choice Contents:

Choose your game from our mugs or frames.  Each gift comes with size 10-12 fuzzy socks, stress ball, and assorted candy.



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